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Methylsiloxanes Release from One Landfill through Yearly Cycle and Their Removal Mechanisms (Especially Hydroxylation) In Leachates Environmental Science & Technology 徐琳,许世和,智丽琴,何旭丹,张春晖,蔡亚岐 2017;51;21;12337:12346
3D Printing Techniques in Environmental Science and Engineering Will Bring New Innovation Environmental Science & Technology Ligang Hu, Guibin Jiang 2017;51;7;3597:3599
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A novel high throughput screening assay for binding affinities of perfluoroalkyl iodide for estrogen receptor alpha and beta isoforms Talanta 宋文婷,赵利霞,孙振东,杨晓溪,周群芳,江桂斌 2017;175;1;413:420
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Acute toxicity variation of hydroxyl benzophenone UV filters during photoinduction-chlorination disinfection processes Journal of Environmental Sciences Yu Qi, Wei Dongbin, Liu Wei, Du Yuguo 2017;54;48:55
Advances of Metal-Organic Frameworks in Adsorption and Separation Applications 化学学报 张贺,李国良,张可刚,廖春阳 2017;75;9;841:859
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Atmospheric occurrence and health risks of PCDD/Fs, polychlorinated biphenyls, and polychlorinated naphthalenes by air inhalation in metallurgical plants Science of the Total Environment 杨莉莉, 刘国瑞, 郑明辉, 金蓉, 朱青青, 赵宇阳, 张宪, 许杨. 2017;580;1146:1154
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Construction of a superior visible-light-driven photocatalyst based on a C 3 N 4 active centre-photoelectron shift platform-electron withdrawing unit triadic structure covalent organic framewor Chemical Communication 何思婧,荣勤丰,牛红云,蔡亚岐 2017;53;9636:9639
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Determination of hexabromocyclododecanes in sediments from the Haihe River in China by an optimized HPLC–MS–MS method Journal of Environmental Sciences 赵彦辉, 李倩倩, 苗雪, 黄鑫辰, 李宾客,苏贵金, 郑明辉 2017;55;174:183
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Discovery of a Novel Polyfluoroalkyl Benzenesulfonic Acid around Oilfields in Northern China Environmental Science & Technology 徐琳,史亚利,李闯修,宋小卫,秦占芬,曹冬,蔡亚岐 2017;51;24;14173:14181
Distinct toxicological characteristics and mechanisms of Hg2+ and MeHg in Tetrahymena under low concentration exposure Aquatic Toxicology Cheng-bin Liu, Guang-bo Qu, Meng-xi Cao, Yong Liang, Li-gang Hu, Jian-bo Shi?, Yong Cai, Gui-bin Jiang 2017;193;152:159
Distribution, bioaccumulation, trophic transfer, and influences of CeO2 nanoparticles in a constructed aquatic food web Environmental Science & Technology 赵星辰,于淼,徐丹,刘爱风,侯兴旺,郝放,龙艳敏,周群芳,江桂斌 2017;51;9;5205:5214
Dual‐labeled chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay for simultaneous measurement of total prostate specific antigen (TPSA) and free prostate pecific antigen (FPSA) Luminescence Lixia Zha,Dan Wang,Gen Shi,Ling Lin 2017;32;8;1547:1553
Elemental mercury: Its unique properties affect its behavior and fate in the environment Environmental Pollution Hansell Gonzalez-Raymat, Guangliang Liu, Carolina Liriano, Yanbin Li, Yongguang Yin, Jianbo Shi, Guibin Jiang, Yong Cai* 2017;229;69:86
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Environmental behaviour of short-chain chlorinated paraffins in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems of Ny-?lesund and London Island, Svalbard, in the Arctic Science of The Total Environment 李慧娟,傅建捷,潘文筱,王璞,李英明,张庆华,王亚韡,张爱茜,梁勇,江桂斌 2017;590-591;163:170
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Evaluation of dioxins and dioxin-like compounds from a cement plant using carbide slag from chlor-alkali industry as the major raw material Journal of Hazardous Materials 赵宇阳, 战佳宇, 刘国瑞, 郑明辉, 金蓉, 杨莉莉, 郝利炜, 武小琳, 张宪, 王璞 2017;330;135:141
Experimental and computational insights on the recognition mechanism between the estrogen receptor α with bisphenol compounds Archives of Toxicology 曹慧明,王丰邦,梁勇,汪海林,张爱茜,宋茂勇 2017;91;12;3897:3912
Facile Synthesis of Magnetic Covalent Organic Framework with Three-Dimensional Bouquet-Like Structure for Enhanced Extraction of Organic Targets ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 何思婧, 曾滔, 王赛花,牛红云,蔡亚岐 2017;9;3;2959:2965
Field study and theoretical evidence for the profiles and underlying mechanisms of PCDD/F formation in cement kilns co-incinerating municipal solid waste and sewage sludge Waste Management 赵宇阳, 战佳宇, 刘国瑞, 任志远, 郑明辉 , 金蓉, 杨莉莉, 王美, 姜晓旭 , 张宪 2017;61;337:344
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Gas-particle partitioning of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins, dibenzofurans, and biphenyls in flue gases from municipal solid waste incinerators Aerosol and Air Quality Research 韩莹, 刘文彬,李海凤, 雷荣荣,高丽荣,苏贵金, 刘国瑞 2017;17;2847:2857
Gas-particle phase partitioning and particle size distributions of chlorinated and brominated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in haze Environmental Pollution 金蓉, 郑明辉, 杨洪波, 杨莉莉, 武小琳, 许杨, 刘国瑞 2017;231;1601:1608
GEOTRACES Intercalibration of the Stable Silicon Isotope Composition ofDissolved Silicic Acid in Seawater Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry Patricia Grasse,Mark A. Brzezinski,Damien Cardinal,Gregory F. de Souza,Per Andersson,Ivia Closset,Zhimian Cao,Minhan Dai,Claudia Ehlert,Nicolas Estrade,Roger Fran?ois,Martin Frank,Guibin Jiang,Janice L. Jones,Ellen Kooijman,Qian Liu,Dawei Lu,Katharina Pahnke,Emanuel Ponzevera,Melanie Schmitt,Xiaole Sun,Jill N. Sutton,Fran?ois Thil,Dominique Weis,Florian Wetzel,Anyu Zhang,Jing Zhang,Zhouling Zhang 2017;32;562:578
Health risks posed to infants in rural China by exposure to short- and medium-chain chlorinated paraffins in breast milk Environment International 夏丹, 高丽荣, 郑明辉, 李敬光, 张磊, 吴永宁, 乔林, 田奇昌, 黄慧婷 ,刘文彬 , 苏贵金, 刘国瑞 2017;103;1:7
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Highly Elevated Levels and Particle-Size Distributions of Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals in Haze-Associated Atmosphere Environmental Science & Technology 杨莉莉, 刘国瑞, 郑明辉, 金蓉, 朱青青, 赵宇阳, 武小琳, 许杨. 2017;51;14;7936:7944
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Molecular Mechanism of Dioxin Formation from Chlorophenol based on Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Environmental Science & Technology 杨莉莉, 刘国瑞, 郑明辉, 赵宇阳, 金蓉, 武小琳, 许杨. 2017;51;9;4999:5007
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